Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Long-Term Working Relationships

S3 (System Safety Solutions) is a division of System Inc., a leader in engineering and construction, dedicated to enhancing safety in construction and maintenance projects. Recognizing the critical importance of safety due to the inherent risks in such projects, System Inc. founded S3 to provide specialized safety solutions. Drawing on over 60 years of experience in engineering and construction, S3 offers a broad range of safety services, both before and after project completion, to ensure the highest standards of safety and success.

S3 stands out for its innovative approach to safety, emphasizing the integration of safety considerations into the early stages of design and construction. This proactive stance ensures that safety solutions are comprehensive and long-lasting, covering every aspect of the working environment. Additionally, S3 commits to ongoing support for its clients, including training and safety audits, to maintain safety standards and foster strong, lasting relationships with clients.

Operating across various sectors, including healthcare, research, education, and commercial industries, S3 tailors safety plans to the specific needs of each project, regardless of scale. This division is not just an arm of System Inc. but a partner for organizations seeking to implement effective, innovative safety solutions. With its holistic approach, expert team, and commitment to client success, S3 System Safety Solutions is a reliable choice for ensuring project safety and success.

Ryan Brown

Owner & President

Ryan joined the family company in 1998 upon graduation from Colorado State Construction Management Program. Ryan has been active in all roles of business, construction and technical development. Ryan is a recognized specialist in retrofit and refurbishment of mechanical and equipment systems serving building and process applications. Ryan has been responsible for development of company core services across all markets. Ryan remains involved in critical project management, safety division development, company oversight and growth.

Joe Cederna

Senior Project Manager

Joe has worked with System Inc. for over 22 years as Senior Project Manager. He is well respected in the industry for his abilities to help develop and manage projects specializing in retrofit and refurbishment of complex commercial and industrial systems. Joe manages all phases of project management and field operations. Joe has worked to develop many high visibility refurbishment projects and is a recognized expert on HVAC refurbishment for critical facilities.